Minion heads!

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I have a late morning tomorrow.  I think I’ll put on a movie and paint Easter eggs to look like minions.

All I wanted out of this afternoon was a fucking nap.  That shouldn’t have been too much to ask.

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When I was in my teens, I knew the girl whose family lived in the old farm house my great grandparents had had to sell. So one time she invited me over and we went up to her room and I looked around and was totally just like “Yeah, this is the room where my great uncle was born.” Then she invited me to a party and it was late and we were telling ghost stories and she was all “I think this house is haunted.” And other people were like “But who would haunt your house?” “We should hold a seance!” “I guess it is pretty old.” And I just deadpanned at them all like “Great great grandma says she hates the curtains.”

She stopped inviting me into the house.

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One of These Little Guys is Not Happy With His Siblings Right About Now…


One of These Little Guys is Not Happy With His Siblings Right About Now…

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Otto: Going to bed right now but just in case I die over the next stretch of work days know that I love you.
Sarah: As long as you come back part robot I'm ok with it if not then don't do the thing
Otto: What if I came back part robot but with my memory wiped and orders to assassinate you for hydra?
Sarah: Then I'd fight you. Maybe. But I'm tired so can we reschedule the fighting for another time?
Otto: Yeah sure. They didn't give me a plane or anything anyway. Like it is really hard to travel via airline as a murderous cyborg. Customs gets really weird.
Sarah: ... I laughed out loud I'm so glad I'm the only one in the office rn.
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You would know that everything would start going wrong the day before I have to start a stretch of work days that I was already uncertain of my ability to survive.

Brushed my dog for all of maybe a minute?  Welcome to spring.